Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bloomy's Goes Hollywood

I’ve received exactly three inquiries as to when the next Bloomy’s blog is coming out, and I’m here to say BOOM BABY! The Rhino and I are back and ready to rock!!
After my first (only) covert op/sleuthing experience a few weekends past, I spent some time bragging to the Rhino and showing him my awesome shifty eye capability/invisibility skills (if I smoosh myself close enough to the wall, I swear no one can see me!). Then he decided to show me up by doing a covert op of his own! Better sunglasses and everything! Our (technically MY) super sweet anonymous friend is currently finishing the sleuthing portion of the Bloomy’s get-off-the-ground plan, and I must say we make a pretty awesome top secret family.

PS - I’m so excited to share our NEW and IMPROVED Bloomy’s business plan of action but the Rhino won’t let me yet. So I have to cap my enthusiasm and make you guys wait until I get the official thumbs up. To pique your interest in the meantime, I will give you a clue: We’ve split the Bloomy’s plan in half! In half!
I know what you’re thinking – “what?!” – but it’s true! The single-phase plan is now a dual-phase plan, and I’m so excited about it that my heart rate hasn’t dropped under 100 bpm since the Rhino brought it to my attention last week (while we were fishing, after which he dropped a boat on my good hand. But that’s a story for another time). Thank you to the collective creative genius team (a.k.a Rhino and his boss) who came up with this slamazing idea! Now I’m frantically attempting to gather Phase One data before the state government shuts down. If only someone would return my numerous phone calls and/or repeated voice mail messages…. <sigh>. Come on government workers!! It’s not Friday yet!

In any case, the Rhino and I decided to take the next step in our relationship and do something we’ve never ever done before… ROAD TRIP!!!! To Princeton. More specifically, to a place we like to call A to Z Restaurant Equipment which is basically comprised of rows and rows and lanes and miles of restaurant equipment as far as the eye can see (see pic below for documented proof of the Rhino showcasing his clipboard holding and note taking skills).

    Photo Op: Rhino looks important with clipboard.

The Rhino made a new BFF (sorry Ron) called Kent who downloaded (uploaded? I’m not good at computers…) a bunch of info into the Rhino’s brain and made us a custom designed list of everything we need to start our awesome Bloomy’s diner. PS - If anyone ever needs hundreds of plastic multi-colored serving trays, a shopping cart, or a 70 pound industrial strength potato masher, Kent’s your guy. We left with an invoice worth $46K and a new appreciation for all restaurant owners. Thanks Kent for your three hours of assistance! Smell ya later!

I am so psyched to say that, after this week of hard work and wading through thousands of piles of restaurant equipment, our business plan is just about complete! And if that’s not enough, I got my first official piece of junk mail addressed to Bloomy’s Roast Beef. Yesss! Even the mailman knows about Bloomy’s now!
Next steps? Dust off the calculator, check under all of our seat cushions for random change and figure out just how we’re going to pull together enough dollars to get Phase One off the ground... or should I say… on the ground. Another clue!
Stay tuned for next time when – let’s be real – I’ll probably spill the Phase One beans regardless of whether or not it's appropriate, and the Rhino and I just might be well on our way to Hollywood to purchase an integral piece of the new and improved Bloomy’s Roast Beef!

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  1. Love your blog Katie! Excited for you guys. Keep the posts coming!

    Rhinos sis aka Erika :)