Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

Don’t Hassle the Hoff

The Rhino and I have spent the last two and a half weeks not recovering from our recent truck sanding fiasco. I mean really valuable learning experience. Instead, we have been working round the clock getting ready for our rapidly approaching launch! We’ve been so busy, in fact, that this blog is now five days late and counting. Sorry guys. Although I do greatly enjoy and will never tire of getting the “when’s the next blog coming?” question. It makes me smile. On the inside.

 The launch party is just a mere 2ish weeks away (YIKES INFINITY!!!), and the Rhino and I decided to take some time apart so he could drive approx. 1,000 miles back and forth to Big Lake while I stayed home* and worked on such things as party planning (really fun!) to tracking down bulk spice distributors (medium fun!) to researching bookkeeping and payroll software (100% lame).
*Seeing as I got fired/laid off from my position as Bloomy1 sanding-helper.

For those of you who know the Rhino & me, you know that we are usually two peas in a pod. But the enormity of the tasks on our ever-increasing task list demanded that we divide and conquer. Good thing, too, as what happened when Rhino & his dad neared the end of the sanding/priming/painting process would have given me the mother of all whack attacks. And I probably would have died. I mean definitely.

You must be thinking, “OMG! What in the world happened?” Well, hold your horses because I’m just about to tell you!

The Story of What Happened
You know when you go the paint store to get a bucket of paint, and the guy (or girl) who mixes the paint puts the color code right there on the bucket so you know what color it is in case you have to order it again? Yeah, well that’s how it works in the normal world.

In the world of Bloomy’s, this is what actually happens: you go in and find the most perfect paint color for your truck, so you order a bucket. When you’re nearly done painting, you realize that you need to order another bucket… except the dude who mixed the paint in the first place put the WRONG code on the bucket! A code that was like 50 shades off from the actual color. And the dude has now disappeared so you can’t ask him a dang thing.

So what you’re left with is a bucket of paint that doesn’t match the perfect color at all but you have to use it anyway cuz you’re a start up and therefore on a budget of approximately seven dollars. Ahhhh! I’m a little stressed just writing about this. PS - This totally reminds me of the time* I was so stressed that my jaw muscles froze up and I sprained my thumb trying to work the kinks out.
*Last Monday.

Luckily, Rhino & his dad were able to mix the non-matching-at-all paint with some other paint to get something relatively close to the original color. Is it noticeable? Mmmm…not really.* Good thing the Rhino knows me well enough to know that it was best not to tell me about this until it was all said and done. Saved me one heart malfunction. At least.   
*Pretty much only when you look at it.

In all seriousness, the truck looks freaking slamazing and it’s all thanks to the Rhino & his Dad. You dudes rock! And you saved us at least $9,650 or more. Go team Bloomy! Although, I must admit that I will miss looking at that Frito Lay logo and laughing every time a semi-defeated Rhino said, “I got Layed.” You’d think that saying would get less funny with time, but it does not.

In any case, after over three weeks of work, Bloomy1 is sanded, primed & painted to perfection. Want to see it? Well… you’ll just have to “Follow the Beef” and meet up with us on the road! (See what I did there? That, my friends, is called a not-so-subtle self-promotion.) 

In other news: last weekend Saturday, the Rhino, Bridger, & I spent the not-71 degree and not-sunny day (seriously weather people? #uttershame) inside at the Seward library* interviewing line cook & cashier candidates. I am so happy to share that we now have a fully hired and fully awesomesauce team of roast beef lovers, ready to start training next week! Watch for introductions shortly.
*Where conference space is available for whopping zero dollars per hour. Cost savings for the win again!

Speaking of introductions, please allow me to take a moment to formally introduce (again) our food truck manager, Mr. Bridger! Aside from being completely awesomesauce, Bridger brings to the table both slamazing culinary skillz and a love of all things roast beef. He and Rhino have also developed a fairly hysterical habit of making beef jokes to each other all day long. An example of this follows:

Bridger: “What’s up, Beefid Hasselhoff?”
Rhino: “Well isn’t this a nice little beef and greet?”

This is fun for me because I get more jolly belly laughs now than ever before. Which is pretty great. Anyway, let me tantalize your taste buds with some illustrative samples of Bridger’s culinary creations:

And this!


And this!


And this!


I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely starving right now.

Alright, I need to get back to my task list seeing as we have exactly 15 days until our launch party and have a gazillion things to do before then. It’s gotten so bad that I actually found myself sitting in a meeting the other day calculating the price differential between two sizes of green peppers instead of paying attention to the meeting. And I got called on. Oops! I promise* this only happened one time…
*Fingers crossed. Doesn’t count.

Ok folks. Next time we talk, the launch will be just a few short days away. Eeek!