Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bloomy’s first sponsors and the VBQ (Very Big Question)

Wow. Where do I start? You know that when my mind is whirling and twirling like this, I can only do one thing: bulleted list! So here we go.

List of things that have happened: 
1. We’ve gotten first level approval for the Bloomy’s BANK LOAN!!!! As you may know, this has been months in the making, and we are so super psyched to say that all systems are a go for the loan. The Rhino and I have spent about 20 hours this past week gathering documents and data for the bank and, although the Rhino’s credit score beat mine by a mere 5 points, we’ve received two enthusiastic thumbs up from our friends at Anchor Bank. Now we just sit back, relax (yeah right), and scramble to come up with the $30K & change that we need to send them in about 60 days (aaaahhhh!). HOWEVER…

2. Our fundraising efforts have resulted in 12 slamazing sponsors who have collectively helped us raise $1,915 toward the launch of the Bloomy’s food truck. This means that we are 19% to our goal of $10K with 56 days left to go. For those of you who don’t know, the dollar saving efforts between the Rhino & me have left us just over $10K short of our 30% bank loan requirement (hence the fundraising effort to raise the difference). Each person who sponsors our food truck will receive super awesome rewards like free food and invites to our pre-launch tasting party. You can find out more about being sponsor by clicking this super long hyperlink. Okay, on to the rest of the bulleted list. Where were we? Oh yes…

3. I’ve had a whack attack only one time! However (again)…

4.  I have cried on between 9 and 11 different occasions (2 of the occasions were direct results of #2 above as this has been an emotional time, realizing just how supportive our friends & family can be. Awww… we love you guys! Hugs all around!).

5. We’ve received a submission from a new Bloomy’s fan with a yummy sounding coleslaw recipe that I’m just dying to try (stay tuned next week for the results)

6. I’ve of course saved the very best for last …. The Rhino has asked me to be his real life Mrs. Bloomy and official partner in crime for the rest of our days together!!! Rock ON!

Now, before I tell you the story of the Rhino’s VBQ (Very Big Question), I have to share a quick picture of the Bloomy’s test kitchen halfway through our usual Sunday cookathon (where the Rhino cooks in bulk so we can have lunches & dinners for the week and do not have to spend our precious Bloomy’s dollars on take away. This is usually also the time where he peers into one of the cooking pots and says to the ingredients, “Well hello in there. Why don’t you take some time and get to know each other a little better?” and I laugh and say to myself, “Awww, he’s making friends with the food again.”). Anyway, here is the picture complete with detailed descriptions of our efforts:


Now, you can see from the above picture a section I labeled “Scene of the VBQ” and that is because this is the very spot where the Rhino decided to ask yours truly if I wanted to be his lady forever. So here it is…

The story of the VBQ:
Several weeks ago, the Rhino had informed me that we were going to go on an adventure (scheduled for yesterday). I immediately got super psyched because I LOVE ADVENTURES!!! I started adventure guessing right away (my guesses included everything from a mystery sleuthing-themed dinner to hang gliding) until…. The Rhino called me on Friday afternoon and said that we were going to have to reschedule the adventure for the following weekend. I have to admit, I was so bummed because I was all psyched up for this super adventure. However, on the way home, I realized that it was probably a good thing because 1) we severely need to save dollars and 2) well, that was probably the only reason.

So I shared this with the Rhino when I got home and suggested that, instead of rescheduling the adventure for next weekend, we save dollars and go on the adventure after we financially recoup from sending the bank our $30K. He was obviously very disappointed at this idea and didn’t even say much of anything, which is (if you know the Rhino at all) very very odd behavior indeed.

We ate dinner in near silence (again, very odd behavior because we are usually two blabber mouths rushing to tell each other everything that happened during the course of the day). So I got progressively sadder and sadder and sat at the table with my lower lip quivering (this face is referred to as my "llama face") until dinner was over. Then I collected the dishes to bring them to the sink for a wash, which is very usual behavior seeing as I spend about 25+% of my life washing dishes. I heard the Rhino go out to the garage and thought that he was so upset about the adventure rescheduling that he was going for a drive. In the middle of washing a spatula, I heard the Rhino come back in and come into the test kitchen. Here is the transcript of the ensuing conversation:

Rhino: “Baby?”
Me: “Hmmm?”
Rhino: “Can you turn around for a second?”
Me (turning around and seeing the Rhino on one knee with tears in his eyes): “Oh my GOD!” I say as my hands drip water all over the floor.

Rhino proceeds to tell me that he had scheduled a private hot air balloon ride for us (like in the movie “Up” which was the movie that helped us decide to do Bloomy’s in the first place and, if you haven’t seen this movie I suggest that you watch it immediately, and I send you in with the warning that this movie plays with your emotions like mad) but that the Saturday weather would be too windy so we had to cancel.

Rhino: "… and then I scheduled Sunday as a backup but it’s supposed to thunderstorm. This isn’t the way I wanted to do this. I wanted it to be an adventure like in Up because that’s what our lives have been together and that’s how I want it to be forever and I just can’t wait another second to give you this ring.”
Me: Crying like crazy all over everything
The Rhino then proceeds to ASK ME TO MARRY HIM!!!
I am slobbering so hard by this point that he actually has to ask me if I can answer the question (because in the midst of everything I realized I hadn’t actually said anything at all), to which I say (blubbering-ly): “YES!!!!!!! “

PS – scratch #4 above and add on another cry session as I couldn’t get through the VBQ story without crying AGAIN! It’s a wonder I have any liquids left in my eyes at all. Jeez. And PS - I couldn't even wear my contacts today because my eyes hurt so bad from all the crying. Good thing the Rhino already asked me because I don't look the greatest in glasses.

Anyway, then we slobber on each other for a little bit and he gives me the most beautiful ring that he designed himself and then I slobber just a little bit more. Then I proceed to cry several more times because not only are we engaged but I botched the plan by saying that we need to be fiscally responsible and postpone the adventure. Then I cry again because I realize that the Rhino asked me to marry him in our very own Bloomy’s test kitchen – the very spot where we’ve spent the majority of our time together making the Bloomy’s dream an almost-reality. So long story short (still kinda long actually): we are now planning to get hitched!

And before anyone asks:

1. First launch Bloomy’s
2. Then get hitched

Now the Rhino goes around and sings songs like “Take away this ball and chain,” and I reply that he only proposed because he wants to ensure that I will stick around to wash his underpants and clean up the test kitchen. On the plus side, I have realized that washing the dishes is much more exciting now.

In any case, we spent the rest of the weekend swooning and scheming up new fabulous ideas to surprise reward our Bloomy’s sponsors. So, before we say adieu, we’re going to send the sponsor link your way one more time and urge ya’ll to check out our page so that you can be a part of the Bloomy’s launch too!

Peace, love & roast beef!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dollar Begging Initiative, Take Final

Alright people (or, should I say - dearest friends, family & Bloomy’s supporters)…

The time has come for the “official official” launch of the Bloomy’s dollar begging/fundraising initiative! The Rhino and I are very excited to announce that we’ve heard great news from our bank partner and our business loan is finally in the works. However, as you know from previous rants, we need to come up with 30% of the money ourselves. We’ve been scrimping, saving, coupon clipping, bulk cooking, conserving fuel, couch cushion searching, and otherwise counting our pennies over the last year and are left with just over $10K to raise to make Bloomy’s a go!

This is where y’all come in. The Bloomy’s blog has nearly 130 active readers now, and we need each and every one of you! Donate $10 or $1,000 – whatever your pocketbook allows. For each donation, you will get super sweet rewards including free food, stylish apparel (we promise that the apparel is actually stylish too and wearable outside of the house – pictures coming soon), event catering and more.  Those who donate $100 or more will also receive invitations to our invite-only pre-launch tasting event where you can enjoy the full array of our tasty treats and help us perfect our menu before we hit the streets.

We’ve launched our dollar begging initiative using and you can find our page here:


In addition to the rewards you’ll receive, every time you see the Bloomy’s food truck on the street or at an event, you’ll get that warm fuzzy feeling in your heart knowing you helped our dream get off the ground. Hugs all around!

Thank you in advance for your dollars and support!  See following picture for proof of our thanks.

Stay tuned for more Bloomy’s news next week when we temporarily cease our dollar begging and get back to the adventure stories that we’ve been collecting in our pockets over the past two weeks (okay, so the Rhino said to insert a “Muahahahahahahahahaaaa” here but I said NO! GET YOUR OWN BLOG!). Jeez. Alright, we are off to dinnerland* so we’ll catch you later. Go find those dollars!
*dinnerland (as quoted from the Jamie D. dictionary) (n): this isn’t an actual place, but a general name for places where one goes to eat dinner.