Sunday, November 13, 2011

Twist & Shout

Survey says that last blog’s format was a no-go, so you’re back to just Katie or just the Rhino. Too bad, so sad! We tried…

Alright, so we have a lot to talk about!

(1) Bloomy’s Kickstarter Efforts

Our project is officially closed and, after 60 days of promotion and hype and – well – pretty much begging, we’re very excited to share that not only did we make our goal, but we ended up with 56 SLAMAZING SLAMAZING backers who supported us to the tune of $10,885!!! What?! What?! Did that just happen? OMG. That just happened. You can only begin to realize how nervous we were about meeting our goal when you remember that we were still $5,635 short just 9 days ago. Yikes! But, thanks to our truly wonderful and supportive friends, family, and new Bloomy’s fans, we’ve exceeded our goal and are super incredibly psyched about the next order of business.


Wait, did you think I was going to say:


If you did, don’t worry. Jamie D and I are starting the planning as we speak. (I actually have not yet informed Jamie D that I need her assistance on this project but, seeing as we have been friends longer than we haven’t (nearly 15 years to be exact), I can pretty much tell you that she is going to be so excited she will immediately begin developing the most comprehensive event to-do list and may do one or all of the following things: (1) get a notebook/journal specifically for the event, (2) write down things we have already done so that she can cross them off. Adorable.). Another Bloomy’s backer and long-time Katie J pal has offered to help as well and, between the three of us, I know we can throw a killer paaartayy!

The Rhino and I also have some super fun sponsor party secrets up our sleeves for our backers and cannot wait to celebrate with those of you who have helped us get this far! Also, we will be sending around a survey this week to our sponsors so we can get you your goodies. Rhino has already started strutting around the house in his Bloomy’s tee, and I can’t wait to replace my former fave hoodie (circa 2004) with the new and improved Bloomy’s hoodie (for those who don’t know me, when I am at home – this is what I wear 80% of the time: brown velour pajama pants, a tank top, and a gray hoodie. The other 20% of the time, I wear: blue pajama pants, a tank top, and a gray hoodie). I’m sure the Rhino will be excited for my hoodie upgrade, for sure. Gotta keep things fresh, ya know? (That’s a piece of relationship advice for everyone.)

Anyway. I am also really excited about putting together the Bloomy’s Soundtrack. Now, you know that Bloomy’s is a throwback diner, so our music will consist of jamz from the 50s, 60s, and very early 70s. If you have any requests, leave a blog comment or e-mail us at In order to conduct proper research, I have already started listening to Kool108 non-stop when I’m driving to and fro and, thanks to my intelligent SoundHound app, already have some fairly awesomesauce jamz on the list. However, the Rhino did have to explain to me once (as I was holding my SoundHound up to the car radio to catch the song) that “um, you know that the sound comes out of the speakers and not the actual radio right?” Right! Thankfully one of us is savvy about cars.

For those music junkies who have discovered the slamazingness that is
Spotify, I’ve also started a Spotify “Bloomy’s Mix” in case you’d like to subscribe (it’s free and great!). Just a fair warning, Bloomy’s Mix may or may not cause you to break into the twist, the mashed potato, and/or the hand jive in your cubicle/car/home office.
So that brings us back around to this:

We’ve received some great advice from our food trucker friend Josh (of the Smack Shack) and have subsequently learned where NOT to go to purchase Bloomy1* and where TO go to store Bloomy1 when it’s not rocking out on the road or at events. In any case, the Rhino is spending much of his days researching, sleuthing, scouring, and otherwise narrowing down our pool of food truck potentials. And, I’m no expert in this area or anything, but there seem to be quite a number of odd balls out there selling food trucks. For example, we were <this close> to partnering with a dude out in New York but were scared off by the fact that he didn’t want to take a bank check and didn’t want to provide us with anything that had his name or business name on it. So… we’ll take that as a firm tentative yes? Um, no. Moving on.

*Bloomy1 (noun): the first Bloomy’s food truck.
If you had worried about where we’d store Bloomy1, we’ve got it covered! No problemo! Due to zoning and mobile food regulations, we’re not able to store Bloomy1 at our place of residence, so we needed to find a storage facility/warehouse that would do the job. Easy, until you throw in the fact that we needed electricity and a fairly ginormous storage spot. As I mentioned above, our friend Josh (Smack Shack) tipped us off to the food truck friendly Gopher Towing, right outside of Dinkytown. My old stomping grounds! The Rhino has started conversations with our pals over there and decided that GT will be Bloomy1’s new home!

Side note: I find it very interesting that during the years of 2000 – 2003, I did absolutely everything in my power to avoid having to go to or speak to Gopher Towing in any way, shape or form. Being a U of M college student meant sometimes having to park your car in places you shouldn’t, and a trip to Gopher Towing usually meant having to scrape together lots of dollars I didn’t have in order to bail out my trusty rusty maroon 1987 Honda from the GT impound lot. Now, we’ll happily be storing Bloomy1 there. Ahh how the world turns.

So, in any case. By the end of the year, we will have Bloomy1 in hand and snuggled up in her new storage spot. Then we can begin the install of the super-duper-slamazing-slow-cook-ovens that we’ll be using to prepare our tender roast beef. But that’s Rhino territory, and I need to stay over here in Katieville where there’s event planning, apparel ordering, social networking, and media plugging to be done.

Until next time!