Monday, May 23, 2011

The Adventure Begins… kind of.

It all started a few months ago… November of 2010 to be exact. I know this because the Rhino and I started talking about it over a bottle of wine and, after we drank the entire thing, I wrote about it on the wine cork and tossed it in our cork jar. That was the start of Phase One.  

Phase One:
Idea: Open a Wally’s
Wally’s is a small diner in Bloomington, MN that specializes in roast beef. It’s been around forever and has a great following. In fact, I went there on a random Saturday and there was a line out the door! Who knew people loved their roast beef so much anyway.

The Rhino had been going to Wally’s for quite some time and began to think of it as a viable business venture. He is always thinking about stuff like that so we can retire and he can be a fishing guide. So he reached out to the owner to discuss the possibility of franchising… but we quickly learned that wasn't an option. And that was the end of Phase One.

We left Phase One with One Question: What should we do since we can’t open a Wally’s?

The question went unanwered until the following March…. Then Phase Two started.

Phase Two
Idea: I want to make a million dollars.
I was home alone one day contemplating life when I decided that what I really wanted to do with my life was to figure out how to make a million dollars.
So I googled it.

Here is what I learned.

Ways to Make a Million Dollars:
(1) Marry someone who has a million dollars
(2) Inherit some coin from a rich relative
(3) Get deathly injured and sue someone rich (preferably someone who has more than a million dollars)
(4) Win the lottery
(5) Open a business

So….. considering I (1) have no millionaire relatives, (2) don’t buy lottery tickets unless I find a dollar on the ground at the gas station (which hasn't really happened as often as I'd anticipated), (3) try to avoid life threatening injuries when possible, and (4) am really only interested in marrying the Rhino since we already know each other (and who, at present, does not have a million dollars)… that left just one option. Open a business. 

Since we had already thought about the roast beef shop, it seemed only natural to revisit the idea. And we did.  

THE MASTER PLAN: Open Bloomy’s Roast Beef. A totally awesome diner with wicked good roast beef!
Opening date: March 21, 2012

Rhino a.k.a. “Bloomy”  – age 34. Computer salesman. Related experience: cooking for his girlfriend Katie J, former Dominos pizza delivery man.
Katie J – age 28. Recruiter. Related experience: Subway sandwich artist for one day 14 years ago. Former cashier at Davanni’s pizzeria.
Taste Testers – Rhino’s coworkers, the roast beef connoisseurs.  

So the Rhino and I went full steam ahead and started the business plan. Now, two months later…. we’re still working on the damn business plan. BUT we’re almost finished and, thanks to the Rhino’s mastery of accounting and my ability to format word documents, it looks like we actually know what we're doing! 

This brings us to where our story officially begins. Follow the Rhino and me as we make our way from schemes and dreams to the grand opening of Bloomy’s Roast Beef. We’ll see you there!

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